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Mattress Making Machineries & Raw Materials

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SKyrocket your Mattress Business

Automatic Mattress Compress and Roll Pack Machine

  • Produce more with less labour

  • Compatible with foam and spring mattress

  • Compress upto 84 x 72 x 22 inch mattress

  • Quick after sales services

  • Robust structure and branded parts

Free delivery

Packed, and
delivered to your place.

Brand new QUALITY

All our products are brand new and manufactured by us.

25 Year Experience

Over 25 Year of Experience in Mattress Industry


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At YUMMY-YUMMY, we believe that our dogs should get the best they can get, and it’s no different with the food they are eating. We offer pre-packed meals full of fresh ingredients that will make them happier and healthier. The food is cooked sous vide and is ready to serve without any preparation. Do better for your dogs; they deserve it.

What changes will you see in your dogs after they will start eating YUMMY-YUMMY meals?

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Combination of chicken and vegetables


Combination of beef and vegetables


Combination of turkey and vegetables


Combination of chicken, duck, and vegetables

Happy dog
Happy owner

"My beloved dog, Rocky, absolutely loves the food and continues to lick his bowl an hour after he has finished eating."
Tommy Wright
"The smell is so good, even I want to eat this food. Fresh and natural ingredients ready to serve. What a delight!"
Carlos Martin


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Natural food for your dog

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